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About Sort My House

Time poor? Living in a chaotic space? Don’t know where to start? We are your home's new best friend...

Hi, I'm Angela

“Being organised comes naturally to some people and I’m lucky enough to be one of them. I’ve been in the busy corporate world and know how hard the juggle can be. I want you to know it’s totally ok to outsource for help! We are passionate about making YOUR life easier, so you can get on and do the things that are truly important and fulfilling for you.”

About Our Team

Sort My House are a dedicated team of Sorters (aka Professional Organisers) who assist you in many different ways to combat the clutter and get your space organised. 

Emma- Auckland

Emma covers the Auckland area and is available for Saturday sessions along with week day sessions. 

'Kia Ora, my name is Emma. I was born in Liverpool, UK and moved to NZ 8 yrs ago where I met my wonderful Kiwi husband. We have 2 beautiful preschoolers. I am very organised and I love sorting and decluttering. I love being able to help others by taking the load off and the stress away. I also enjoy having some me time, doing something productive and positive.'

Sort My House offers...

a number of services – for the big jobs or small, as a one-off or something that requires more time and attention. We recognise how time consuming these things can be and enjoy knowing our service can free up your time and give you life back. 

Sort My House understands the connection people form with items so we will be decisive but gentle when working with you. We will be impartial and non judgemental.

Our Sorters work really well alongside you, or autonomously for things such as pantries. They are discreet, decisive, and reliable and passionate about helping you get where you want to be - in your own home or space. We are here to help, we won't make you throw out something if you are not ready to let go, and we work with you to install effective systems to help maintain a simplified living environment. 

Trust and honesty is important to us which you will see in the use of our inventory lists, and through holding a current clear police check.

Our initial consultations are free so if you think it's time for your house to get sorted, get in touch today!


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